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December 2, 2013
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Rabbit Doubt - Yukkiteru Izanagi by Asorra-Tatsumi Rabbit Doubt - Yukkiteru Izanagi by Asorra-Tatsumi
For :iconrabbito-dauto:

I've been wanting to join this group for a while and I think I might need it OTL
Too much is going on in my life. I need a group like this that will let me vent out some dark work
Wish me luck.


Bullet; Red Name: 
Bullet; White Izanagi Yukkiteru (Western style - Yukkiteru Izanagi )

Bullet; Red Alias: 
Bullet; White Yukki, Snow

Bullet; Red Age:  
Bullet; White 19

Bullet; Red Birthday:  
Bullet; White April 17

Bullet; Red Gender: 
Bullet; White Male

Bullet; Red Weapon Choice: 
Bullet; White A shade of glass with duck tape wrapped around it to make a make shift handle.

Bullet; Red Opinion On What Is Happening:  
Bullet; White  He doesn't exactly like it but he doesn't hate it either. He likes to think of himself as stuck in the middle of people who are freaking out or are enjoying this too much. He finds that people are still hiding behind a facade and that no one here is actually showing their true self, not even Mr.Wolf. This is a game after all.

Bullet; Red Relationship's: 
(Back Home)
* Yumi Izanagi (sister/deceased)
* Kotoha Izanagi (mother)
* Yu Izanagi (father)
In the Game)
Yukkiteru has had the pleasure of meeting many people, and he is happy about that. 
*Ageha: For a while, they were fuck buddies, but Yukkiteru grew to like him as time went by. However, what stopped that relationship from going any further is when Ageha said he had a boyfriend. That was it for Yukkiteru and he felt betrayed and used. To this day he has spoken to Ageha. Has no desire to.
Ameri: The first time Yukkiteru met her, he didn't like her. He thought she was weird and out of her mind. What disturbs him more is how old she is. Yukkiteru doesn't mind not seeing her around.
Miyuki: He calls her "sister" because she used to remind him of his dead younger twin sister. It's different now. Yukkiteru truly cares about and loves her. He'd do anything to make sure Miyuki was happy and safe.
Oliver: Another person Yukkiteru cares deeply about. Oliver helped him forget about what Ageha did. Yukkiteru loves Oliver as he is and not as some replacement. He'd do anything to make sure Oliver was happy and safe.

Bullet; Red Personality:  [Curious] [Jack of all Trades] [Seductive] [Forceful] [Sadistic] [Nymphomaniac] 
Bullet; White  Yukkiteru is the curious type. He'll look at you with mild interest while keeping you at a safe distance. In light of recent event, he's curiosity has peeked even more due to being thrown in this game. He's a jack of all Trades. There's nothing he's really good at, but at the same time, nothing he's really bad at; be it work, school, killing, kissing or sex. He's seductive side and his forceful side go hand in hand. He'll pin you down and kiss you while whispering words of promise. He'll try and sweet talk you into doing anything he wants. He enjoys being forceful if it means pinning you up against a wall or bed. He's not sadistic in the killing sense or laugh at your dead body sense. It comes from his nymphomania. During such acts, he'll chuckle and laugh not because he's causing pain but rather it feels good to once again feel relief. He's ask over and over again to the person he's chosen if it feels good for them. And if it doesn't he'll make an effort to fix it. That's where his sadistic side comes from.

Bullet; Red Likes/ Dislikes: 
Chocolate bars
Working (keeps his mind busy)
Ginger Ale 
Good Fashion

- People in the game
Weird textures
Coca Cola
Being lazy

Bullet; Red History: 
Bullet; White  There was nothing wrong with his upbringing. He lived a rather normal life with his mother, his father, and his younger twin sister. He went to school, got average grades, got in and stayed out of his fair amount of trouble. There was nothing ever really wrong with him. When he got older and reached middle school, he suddenly became very sexually active. It got to a point where sometimes it would be too much to handle and at first it scared him. He went to his other half, Yumi, his twin, since he trusted her most. It was Yumi that suggested doing things together and that she would help her older brother if he needed it. A series of hidden acts of play bloomed between Yukkiteru and his twin. 
    This kept on until high school until during high school they were caught by a classmate. Everything wen downhill from there. Once word got around to his parents, Yukkiteru was thrown out after taking the blame. Within the following month, Yumi committed suicide due to bullying over the incident....
Yukkiteru, now banned from his home, lived on the streets for a little bit. He was later founded by the manager of a host club and got a job there. It was here Yukkiteru could sate the urge that had been driving him crazy for months. For a while he picked pretty girls that looked like his dead sister but then later decided to stop due to his urges growing stronger. Though of course, if he happened to come across one, that was okay with him~
    When he got the text message saying "Rabbit Doubt" he didn't think twice about clicking yes. He thought it was the name of another host club that wanted work from him. When he got no message back, he figured it was spam. That is, until he woke up in some unknown area with the hos phone reading, "Enjoy the game Little Rabbit." He wasn't scared, he certainly wasn't thrilled, but what the hell could he do about it? As long as he was eating and keeping his urges from driving him mad, might as well play along.

Bullet; Red Other: 
Bullet; White If you look like his sister, he will go after you.
Bullet; White Will have sex with a girl or boy, though prefers girls, claims they're softer and taste sweeter.
Bullet; White Doesn't think of himself as insane, parents and former classmates beg to differ
Bullet; White He's very touchy, so beware.
Bullet; White He loves kisses. Give him a kiss anywhere and you may have just found a friend with benefits for life. 
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