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November 28, 2013
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Dead Amongst The Living - Red Rosemary by Asorra-Tatsumi Dead Amongst The Living - Red Rosemary by Asorra-Tatsumi
Well, here it is, my app for :icondeadamongsttheliving:
This has been a pending app since I saw the group. She went through a bit of revamping and had to change a bit of her bio. I'm aiming for the reaper because, well, I never try to push myself in certain groups. I always get scared I'll come out with something bad, so I play it safe while trying to be creative. I go. Wish me luck guys.


Bullet; Black N a m e
:bulletred: Red Rosemary

Bullet; Black N i c k n a m e
:bulletred: Little Red, Rose, Rosey.

Bullet; Black A g e
:bulletred: Age of death, 16
:bulletred: Actual age, 19

Bullet; Black S e x
:bulletred: Female

Bullet; Black H e i g h t
:bulletred: 5'5 without shoes
:bulletred: 5'8 with shoes

Bullet; Black W e i g h t
:bulletred: 118lbs 

Bullet; Black S p e c i e s
:bulletred: Reaper

Bullet; Black T I M E...O F..D E A T H
:bulletred: Has been dead for 3 years

Bullet; Black D I S T R I C T..R E S I D E N C E
:bulletred: Corcra District

Bullet; Black C U R R E N T...R A N K
:bulletred: Walker = 810 bones

Bullet; Black A B I L I I T I E S 
:bulletred: Weapon/Scythe: Red can carry and easily swing around a cleaver the size of a chain saw with one hand. However, since she tends to kill things that have their backs turned, she'd be in a bad position if the enemy is face to face in battle with her.
:bulletred: Time Reduction: She rarely uses this skill at all, sometimes forgetting she has it. She is able break apart the molecules of a person or object in small portions. 

Bullet; Black P E R S O N A L I T Y
:bulletred: [Sweet] [Caring] [Aware] [Optimistic]
Red is a quiet girl who is always hugging her plush cat. Despite her actual age, she acts like a 10 year old. She loves all things cute, be it toys or people, and has a fondness for cats. Though she is sweet, she is aware of what has been and is happening around her. She will kill to survive and she'll do it without a second thought. But, even after all that has happened, she tries to look on the bright side of things, skipping along with Mr. Kitty, her cat plush. Her only dream, or wish rather, is that tomorrow will be better then yesterday.

Bullet; Black L I K E S
:bulletpink: Cats
:bulletpink: Lollipops
:bulletpink: Her cat plush
:bulletpink: Walking/skipping around town
:bulletpink: Finding marbles

Bullet; Black D I S L I K E S
:bulletyellow: The marks around her neck
:bulletyellow: Seeing dead(or undead) kittens
:bulletyellow: Not being able to take a bath
:bulletyellow: Having to hide
:bulletyellow: Being chased

Bullet; Black B A C K G R O U N D
:bulletred: Red lived in a time where cars still raged in the streets, shops were open till late at night, and people flooded the sidewalks no matter what was out there. She lived in an era of ignorance, bliss, and the unknowing. And she was happy. She grew up in the city of Chicago and had parents who were pretty well off. Her dad worked as a doctor and her mom was a stay at home wife with a part-time job as a preschool teacher. Red's parents could buy her things as well as pay for her school. She started high-school off with a bang and made friends in no time. Red wouldn't have called herself popular, she just liked talking to people. She was a bright girl with the dream of becoming an actor, a movie star or even a model. She wanted to meet even more and exciting people. And her parents wanted the best for their little girl. They were hoping their daughter would live a long and happy life.....
But life if so fragile...
It was around the time of her birthday, Red's sweet sixteen, the mile stone in a girl's life. Red's best friend, Emily, had prepared a big party for the birthday girl. Red's mother had bought her a new outfit for this special day, her father got her a car and driving lessons, and Red's younger brother even made her a handmade birthday card and cupcake. Everything was going perfect, even Red's boyfriend, James, said he had something special planned for her. Red's was all too excited! As guests and friends arrived, Red could have sworn there was no greater happiness in the world.
But, as the night passed on, things got a little out of hand. Some of the kids from her school brought alcohol, and her boyfriend James got into the drinking games some of them were playing. James started picking on a new kid that just transferred and was invited to the party. Red, feeling embarrassed about her boyfriend and bad for the new kid, protected him, telling James to back off and that he was acting like an idiot. Emily offered to take James up to rest, but Red took responsibility, since James was her boyfriend. Red took James up to her room, laying him down, saying her should rest and then when he felt better, he was more then welcome to join the party again, but no drinking.
Things turned dark from there.
James started questioning Red, asking why she had protected a nobody, thinking she was cheating on him behind his back. Red tried to calm him down. "You're drunk James, please just lay down." He screamed at her, saying he wasn't drunk and accusing her of messing around with other boys. In a fit of drunk rage and jealousy, he forced Red to the bed, ripping at her clothes. Red tried to stop him and screamed for help, but the music outside was too loud. Red was raped while having the life strangled out of her. She wasn't sure which hurt more; the fact that he body was being violated viciously or the fact that her lungs were hurting because she couldn't breathe. That night was her last... In the cold darkness is where Red woke, gazing down at her wide eyed, dead body. Red screamed when she saw herself, she cried in agony when she saw her mother balling into her father's chest. And her little brother was in his room with a police officer, his face pale white with horror. Red could only assume he had found her first. From here, she sank into the darkness, her mind going blank....
The soulless girl drifted off into the darkness for...she didn't know how long. Then, before her stood a man dressed in black. He had pale skin, raven colored hair, his eyes glowed a deep ruby red. He introduced himself as Than to the mindless girl and offered her a second chance at life. He called it a new beginning. She could start anew, rebuild her life, reset. On on condition, "You must serve me." She accepted. It was better then wondering around cold and alone.
Once reawakened to life, Red was new. Not brand, glistening new, but she felt refreshed. Minus the marks left on her neck, which have remained hidden and the cleaver she now carries with her. Her scythe. As chaos fell around her, she happily skipped along from town to town, finding clothes, her cat plush, and of course, food and enemies. She wandered around for a long while before she came up to the broken floorboards of the Corcra house. At first she thought it was just some run down place she could stay for the night, until she stepped in of course. It was here she decided to stay, mainly because she could maybe have her own little run down home and food wasn't too hard to find. She also preferred the cold. And since there was water near by, all Red had to do was build a fire, put a tall pot on top of the burning wood and she could have a nice hot bath. That is, if her home didn't have a bathroom.  
The young Reaper girl saw the chaos that took over her once beloved home. Whether or not her family was alive and surviving...became a concern she had no right to bare. Their daughter was dead. And she...she was alive. 

Bullet; Black O T H E R....I N F O
:bulletred: Quote(s)
"I want...a lollipop..."
"....." she tilted her head.
:bulletred: Relationaships
None yet
:bulletred: Fun facts
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolf Red has a flip side when ever she needs to be serious.
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolf On days she's not doing anything, she'll go to different clothes shops and "buy" dresses she really likes.
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolf She doesn't like people seeing the marks on her neck, so she hides them.
Bulletrose by Wooded-Wolf She recently found a live kitten and has been taking care of it.

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MrBoodle Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
She's an adorable Character i can see Esho getting along nicely with her x3 Eshos a fan of animals~ haha
Asorra-Tatsumi Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Well, we've got two people in the chat, come join us ^^

MrBoodle Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
Don't go onto da chat a lot, i'll try to hop on when i get the time. ^u^/
CinderellaSkeleton Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
c: she's looks lovely <3

Asorra-Tatsumi Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you O u O
CinderellaSkeleton Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem :meow:
I liked reading her info, very interesting! 
madhatter2k13 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student
She is absolutely adorable!!! Asorra you did such a great job ahgakhga QvQ
Heheh its nice to see all the other reapers too!! Laura's going to have a lot of fun!~
Asorra-Tatsumi Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you O u Q *glomps* I have to draw her more now~~ Muahahah!!!
madhatter2k13 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013  Student
Heheh *tackle hugs* Yes you must! She's really cute! AuA 

CarryePie2 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
So she likes cuts things. Looks like her and Thaila would be good friends if she ever gets past the point of her being a reaper. She scared of reapers.
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