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"It's cold out, but will you be here to keep me warm?"

"Heaven is a perfect circle, take me in now..."


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/Cell Color/
Chbi - $8.00 - 800:points:
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In a couple or group picture, characters will be counted separately.

Hope to do business with you =) :iconsaysplz: Time to clean the



Asorra and her Madness

Pixel - Ichigo Bounce Divider by firstfearI Love to draw! That's all that really needs to be said ^_^

Asorra in Wonderland ID ver. by Asorra-Tatsumi Asorra Ice Cream by Asorra-Tatsumi What goes on in my head while I'm drawing by Asorra-Tatsumi

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Once Upon a High School - Marubel Pocket by Asorra-Tatsumi
Once Upon a High School - Marubel Pocket
I've been waiting to upload this character~ I'm really hoping to draw more but work has been stressful. So, feel free to send a note and we can rp ^^)b


Name: Marubel Pocket [Ma-RU-bell] (pronounce it as if it were Japanese)  
Fairy Tale Character:
 The Fool from King Lear
Human (?)
5’3 (5’7 with her shoes)
110 lbs (tiny person)
May 16

[Mysterious] Marubel is one of those types of people you can't seem to figure out. She doesn't talk about her past, doesn't mention any brothers or sisters, nor does she ever mention a type of food she likes or a game she's into. She constantly looks as though she's deep in thought and is always staring off into space. Makes you wonder what could possibly be going on in her mind.
[Happy] She never seems to be having a bad day. She doesn't smile much but she's never caught crying. You can find her skipping or hopping along the school groups, or dancing around in circle in the school rose garden. She's always telling people that she's happy, so you' assume she was happy...right? 
[Troublemaker/Attention seeking] Marubel hates a love/hate relationship with attention. She likes when people watch her, but only during certain times and upon doing certain things. She'll openly do magic tricks in the middle of class or even do life risking, dangerous stunts just because. She likes causing a little bit of trouble in doses of small, to extreme and depending on the time of day and weather depends on what act she'll preform. To her, it's like being in a circus.
[Imitator] Being frank, Marubel has no sense of self. She copies everything she sees from magazine clippings, to TV adds, to conversations and action done by her school mates. And surprisingly, she very good at it. She can imitate a person perfectly and can, if she really wants to, old herself into any kind of person she wants to be. It's like an extreme form of pretending and it often times hurts her more then not. But it's all she knows how to do...


How does one tell a story of a past they can't remember? Marubel has no memories of her actual parents, aside from the fact that she had the same eyes as her mother. She grew up with foster parents and a sister who was two years older then her. Marubel wasn't mistreated by she certainly could have been treated better. The girl spent most of her days in a small, closet based room on the second floor of the house she was brought into. Every Christmas she would receive two presents and she'd have a birthday cake for her birthday. Her older sister, Margret, had the pleasure of being spoiled most of her life so having a little sister for her parents to possibly dot on displeased her. So, Margret liked making Marubel her "clown". She humiliated the girl at school, having Marubel call her queen and preform in front of her and her gang of friends. The subjects of what Marubel preformed varied depending on the types of friends Margret brought around and sometimes on whether or not their parents were at home... It was later during those times that Marubel started imitating things she saw. She thought that if she was someone else, it would be easier to deal with other people. Oddly enough, this worked. By imitating what she saw she began making friends, clicking with popular groups and to some form breaking away from a cycle her sister put her in. Marubel even got a boyfriend, but she didn't entirely know how one went about being boyfriend and girlfriend, considering the movies she watched were either of older kids in high school or adults. But, she went along with it all anyway. Of course, this upset Margret, seeing as she was losing friends and even ranks in class projects and tests, and even had people asking about Marubel. She plotted against her younger sister, making sure that everyone would know she was just some fake. The short part of this? It worked. After Marubel's imitating was exposed and Margret even had her show everyone how well she did it, Marubel lost it all and even had her boyfriend stolen away by none other then Margret.

As time passed, Marubel took up a new hobby. After she dropped out of school she started going to other schools and pretending she was a classmate. She'd participate in large groups of friends going out places. going to Karaoke, the movies, even a few parties. But afterwards she'd stop. But, her favorite school to go to and pretend was Ever After. The school was filled with all kinds of students and people, even the teachers were all interesting. And she really liked their school uniforms. Marubel visited Ever After many times and even got bolder and sat in class as if she were an actual student. She continued to do this until she was finally caught by one of the members of the students council, who claimed he knew everyone in the school and that her face was not one he was familiar with. She was brought to the school staff and there they debated on what to do with her. Oddly enough, the one thing Marubel asked of them was to not inform her parents. In fact, she begged them not to. So, the head of Ever After made a deal with Marubel; if she became an official member of the student body, they'd not mention a word to her parents. Marubel found this as an odd agreement, but when brought to the table for questioning, it was very well known that she'd been sneaking into the school. So, in order for her parents and her sister not to get involved, she became a member of Ever After High. And, with help from the head of the school, the excuse that she was offered a place at a boarding school saved her the trouble of having to explain anything to them. Marubel left that house with nothing but the school uniform she "burrowed" from Ever After.

Orientation: Straight (Taken by Clint)
Magic Type: 
Magic tricks and simple illusion spells
Body Type:
She's a tiny person really. She's slender and very light. Makes you wonder if she eats at all.
She's very much into the Visual Kei style. She loves the layers and belts and types of shirts that go with it. Anything that can help her wear her favorite jester hat nicely. She also loves uniforms. She has a separate place in her wardrobe from her uniforms
Soft and slightly monotone but has a sweetness to it.
Theme Song:…
Anime Club / Swimming 
Class List:
1st Hour: Hexes & General Sorcery
2nd Hour: Mathematics
3rd Hour: Sigil & Symbol Illustrating
4th Hour: Evocation
5th Hour: Basic Necromancy
6th Hour: Art & Design


I added subtle hints of class mates and members! If you wished that to be changed please let me know >///<
Delicious Desire

Hey everyone~ I've been really into wanting to draw gore lately. It's just tricky finding the right characters. But, I figure since Dark Forest has hungry rabbits, why not add some in!

Zero and Laila have become a weird fav pair of mine and I thank Miitu for letting me draw her babu~
Might draw another gore relate pic with these two *^*)9

I hope you all like it!

Laila - Asorra-Tatsumi 
Zero - Miitu-chan 
Dancig in the Sky by Asorra-Tatsumi
Dancig in the Sky
Just a little something for Jinx1028 
OuO I finished it up! I hope you like it dear.

I need to draw for groups more OTL I've been so out of the works lately


Phillia - Asorra-Tatsumi 
Quinn - Jinx1028 
Once Upon a Time App - Phillia Aster by Asorra-Tatsumi
Once Upon a Time App - Phillia Aster
For the lovely group known as :icononce-upon-a-hs:

Hazaaaah!! Phillia got a makeover!
Since she's been hanging out with a certain troublemaker, she's changed up a little~ I hope you all like her!


Name: Phillia Aster
Fairytale Character:
Princess Olivia 
September 8
Polite | Delicate | Caring | Sensitive | Naïve | A bit mischievous | Needy | A Worrywart |   

Phillia was raised to be help those in need and to be understanding to everyone’s problems. She hardly ever raises her voice and doesn’t like it when others turn on each other. Of course, to some degree she knows everyone can’t get along. She’s a caring person but can be a bit too sensitive for her own good, running off if accused for something she didn’t do rather than trying to stand up for herself. It’s what also makes her naïve, since she’s sure she hasn’t done anything wrong to hurt anyone, when sometimes even being alive can hurt others.

Since hanging out with Quinn and his group of friends, Phillia finds that being a bit of a troublemaker is fun. She'll often times be right next to Quinn dropping water balloons on people's heads now. And although it may not be fully known to her, she's become needy on the affection Quinn has given her. It may be her heart and mind's way of coping with the fact she never knew her real parents and her foster parents never really paid her much attention. It's also made her into a bit of a worrywart and she can only hope that she's not bothering Quinn or any of the other friends she has made over the time she's been at school.

Background/Biography: Phillia was told that she was the daughter of the former king and queen of the lands. At least, that was what the kind nun said when Phillia was living in the orphanage. The young girl was told that the king brought her there, for he could not bare to see her live in such a unloving castle.... Phillia grew up believing she was a princess, even though the kids made fun of her for it. At the age of seven she was adopted and moved over into the country side where she lived with her new parents. They were not unkind to her, but as the years went on, Phillia had to learn to care for herself. She leaned to cook and clean, grew her own crops and soon the animals would come to be her only company.
She didn't hate her foster parents though, or at least...that's what she told herself... It was hard for Phillia to talk to them about anything unless it was about the harvest or what was for dinner. But even though her foster parents didn't talk to her much, Phillia found peace in the fairy tales she read. Even to this day she still believes that she is a princess and she would dream that one day her prince would come for her...
After her seventeenth birthday, Phillia got a letter from the school of Ever After, telling her that she was invited to their open house. Seeing this as a sign to change her life, Phillia packed a bag and traveled to the school. Dazzled by not only it's beauty, that staff enchanted her and even offered her dorming if she needed it. Phillia applied that very day and returned home only yo pack her bags and leave.

Straight (Taken by Quinn)
Body Type:
A heart shaped birthmark on her left foot
You can find her walking around in a kneel length teal colored skirt and white blouse. Something she’ll wear and pale brown sweater or hoodie if it’s chilly out.
Sport/Club: Track / Cooking club
Class List:

1st Hour: Beast Summoning & Training
2nd Hour: Gym & Physical Education
3rd Hour: The History of Spells
4th Hour: Elemental Training
5th Hour: Chorus
6th Hour: General Levitation & Flight

Additional Info:
~ Has a hard time sleeping if there is something as small as a pea under the sheets
~ Loves baking all kinds of pies
~ People have a hard time believing she's an actual princess
~ Joined track to try and get into shape, though she's not very good at it.
~ Feels a little out of place among all the other princesses
~ Is very animal friendly and likes work with her hands


Live Stream [Offline!]

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 12:47 PM
I got my coffee on and I'm ready for some action!
Come join me in revamping some characters ^^

And YOU get to choose whom I revamp first!
See you there~

Live stream here -…

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Live Stream ooooon~!! 

Adopts! :iconsaysplz: So much to do, so little time desu...!

: OPEN :

Thank you ^^

Adoptable Maker Stamp by Sky-Yoshi
Note me if you're interested.


Adoptables - PayPal

I hope you guys like them and look forward to more!

Fantasy Adopts (OPEN) by Asorra-Tatsumi
120 :points: each (1 left)

POPCANDY STAR Adopt - OPEN by Asorra-Tatsumi
$50.00 for the whole ref sheet
An extra $17.00 for three more outfits not including the ones on the sheet~!

Hope to do business with you =)


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