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Commissions - PayPal

Chbi - $2.50
Head Shot - $1.00
Waist Up - $8.50
Full Body - $13.50

/Flat Color/
Chbi - $5.00
Head Shot - $4.50
Waist Up - $12.00
Full Body - $17.00

/Cell Color/
Chbi - $8.00
Head Shot - $7.50
Waist Up - $15.00
Full Body - $20.00

/Soft Color/
Chbi - $11.00
Head Shot - $10.50
Waist Up - $17.00
Full Body - $23.00

In a couple or group picture, characters will be counted separately.

Hope to do business with you =) :iconsaysplz: Time to clean the



Livestream on! The Chibi Madness continues~ 

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Ever After Headshots by Asorra-Tatsumi
Ever After Headshots
For :icononce-upon-a-hs:

I did a thing! I DID A THING!!!

And I am happy for this~ I love it all!
HAHAHAH!! //falls over

Clint and Quinn belong to - Jinx1028
Joshua belongs to x-XYour-NightmareX-x
Amber belongs to lalagilr
Angel belongs to AnimeNeko123

I hope I didn't kill anyone's character QAQ
What If....... by Asorra-Tatsumi
What If.......
Ahh Quinn~ I love his hair OuO It's so much fun to draw~
And it seems he's become a victim of my manga strips xD

So it's a little gift for Jinx1028 that I was working on all day.
No, this hasn't happened between these two lover birds~

Their love is actually very pure OuO Just sweet hugs and kisses between these two~

The title is just as is. What if this were to happen? Where would it lead~? Only time will tell~ hahahahahahah!!!!
Once Upon a High School - Aderet by Asorra-Tatsumi
Once Upon a High School - Aderet
Sorry everyone, another girl from me OuQ
Maybe I'll buy a slot and make another boy. Who knows~
But for now, here's Aderet. I've wanted to use this character for a long time now and I think she'll be fine here~



Name:  Aderet
Fairy Tale Character:
15-16 ish (physically) (real age is probably around 1000 or so)
117 lbs
December 5th
* [Clumsy] Unlike her sisters, Aderet was the…not so graceful one. Poor thing always a habit of tripping over her own feet, scrapping her hands and always managed to somehow be the only one to get twigs and leaves in her hair and clothes more the twice a day. After a period of time Aderet just decided to wear wraps around her hands and feet, since she found it was easier to walk on her bare feet and not in a pair of slippers.

* [Shy] Aderet never really went on those kinds of adventures her sister would come home telling everyone about. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but she’d feel she was intruding some something special her sister had. So, Aderet stuck to the forest, collecting flowers and other little things to craft up later. She was never good around others since she’s such an odd one out. She does that kind of, wave when awkwardly when she first sees you then goes back to what she was doing.

* [Self-conscious] There’s no real way to put this unless one knew her backstory, but Aderet has many reason as to why she doesn’t really like standing next to people for too long. There’s a reason why looking at other fairies makes her sad and not want to be around them too often. The best way to put this is that Aderet was an odd one out, the black sheep, and it makes her uncomfortable to be around others for an extended period of time.

* [Scares easily] Because she’s so fickle around people, she’s very easy to frighten. She doesn’t like people coming up behind her or scaring her out of her deep thought. She’s like a cat. Scare her and it’s like she jumps out of her skin and falls over.

Aderet was the youngest of the fairy sisters. She was also the most…different out of the three of them. Tink, her older sister, was the adventurous type. She was pretty, was always going to hang out with this Peter Pan person and would come home telling the family about all the cool and amazing things they had done. Tink would even bring back little trinkets back to show everyone. Peri, Tink’s twin and seasonal opposite, was always the curious, bubbly type. She mostly lived in the Frost Woods but always came over whenever she had the time. Shee, too, had stories of the things her and her friends did. For Aderet’s sisters, every day was a new experience, a new adventure, a whole new world to explore.

Aderet was not a normal fairy. She stood at the height of a human girl and could not, no matter how hard she tried, shrink down to fairy size. When she didn’t have her abnormal wings out, she looked like an elf. Any time it came to visiting her sisters, Aderet always had to sit outside the house and smile down at them as they went on and on about their day to day lives. Aderet would listen with open ears, really loving their stories. In fact, she wished she could have some of her own. The most Aderet brought to the table was a new cut or scrap when she fell, which her sisters would tend to right away.

In all honesty, Aderet loved her sisters. Most would shun her away because she was so different. Many told her she was better of living and pretending to be an elf rather then cause them trouble with her size. Aderet never wished to be the way she was, it was simply how she was brought to be. She questioned why she was like this and not like her sisters, but for the longest time she tried not to let it bother her.

Until one day…

It was an accident really and no one got hurt, but because of Aderet’s size and clumsiness, she destroyed a fruit garden the fairies had been preparing for the winter harvest. Aderet was trying to help, since she could easily reach high places without having everyone to fly up and grab them. As fate would have it, she tripped on her own feet and feel face first into the harvest…

That night when Tink was talking about another adventure she had with Peter Pan, she also mentioned the accident. And that was when poor Aderet broke down. Her tears were the size on water drops but that didn’t stop Tink and Peri from comforting their broken little sister. Hating to see her sister like this, Tink promised she would make things better for Aderet and that everything would be okay. Aderet, believing in the fairy she thought was her sister for so long, trusted her. For a while, nothing really changed, except the fact that Aderet was forbidden to help with the harvest for the rest of the year. It was one morning the Tink and Peri came to her, telling her to come with them.

Her sisters had brought her to a school filled with many people, different people, maybe even people like her. Tink grinned proudly, saying that she had enrolled her in Ever After High. She said that “It’s just a start but even if you can’t find a way to be with us, you can most surely find friends that will love you for who you are.” Peri gave Aderet her uniform and the two sisters smiled at their baby sister. Aderet, swallowing down the lump in her throat, looked up at the school and with all her heart she hoped that this would be the answer to the many questions left with her…

She’s not really sure.
Magic Type:
Unlike her sisters, Aderet has a thing with time magic but can’t at all travel backwards to the past. It’s probably just similar to healing magic.
Body Type:
Skinny. She’s not very fit and bruises easily. She mostly eaten fruit her whole life.
Hoodies and layered skirts are what she normally wears. No shoes at all.
She shutters a lot so her voice is pretty soft, like a whisper sometimes.
Class List: 
1st Hour: Alchemy 101
2nd Hour: Healing & Revival
3rd Hour: Illusionary Magic
4th Hour: Literature
5th Hour: Beast Summoning & Training
6th Hour: Gym & Physical Education

Lucien - New Species (New Adopt!) by Asorra-Tatsumi
Lucien - New Species (New Adopt!)
Hello all~
So, while rping with my friend I got this lovely little idea~
If my cute little bunny and her sexy angel had babus what would they look like *^* And this is what I thought of!

I call them Usatenshi.

They have bunny ears and tail with angel wings.

I'll be making adopts and custom adopts for them
Pricing will be up soon hopefully =)

Lovely Ladies Requests

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 1:01 AM

Lovely Ladies Series


Since it’s been a long while I’ve decided to open up requests for the “Lovely Ladies” series. What does this mean? Well, it mean you get a free drawing, fully colored and shaded and then some of your original character, much like Liecia


Lovely Ladies 1 - Liecia by Asorra-Tatsumi


Once your drawing is finished it will be posted on a timed schedule; one lovely Ladies drawing per week or so. Aside from Liecia, there are four other of my own original characters I have drawn that will appear first before your own. But, this also gives me the time I need in order to draw the character. Anyone is free to enter, no matter the skill! However please be aware of the conditions.

    1.)    I will only be accepting original characters (which means no fanmade characters, no avatars. UTAU characters have a bit of leeway but I’d have to view them first, and then some)

    2.)    This is NOT a first come first serve. Everyone will be given a chance to have their character drawn, I intend to keep this up and going for a while.

    3.)    Only one picture of your character. Do not give me a pose or refs of what you’d like them to wear. This is all about the bare essentials. However, if they have a hoodie or maybe a necklace a boy/girlfriend gave them and you want them to wear it, I will accept that.

    4.)    For the sake of knowing what type of person your character is, give me a very BREIF description of their personality. No paragraph long thing please.

    5.)    For these drawings, as much as I like loli and think it’s cute, please, give me a character that is at least 16.

    6.)    And finally, this is not meant to be taken the wrong way, but please, no traps.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. I will be taking 10 characters and adding them to my list of Lovely Ladies to work on. Please be patient with me, your character will come and above all have fun. I’d also be very grateful if you could share this post with some friends and see if they are interested in some free art. Again, FREE, totally full colored and everything! ^^/ It’s like a late Christmas present.

Okay, have fun everyone~ GO! Post away!! 

ATTENTION: Because I know you guys are out there that will want some male fanservice as well. I will be taking TWO male characters to try. Unless of course you guys wanna see one of my male OCs striking a pose for you~ //shot

So, along with your Lovely Lady, if you have a Handsome Gentleman, I’d be happy to look and see~. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them~


HAVE FUN~!!!!!     

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Adopts! :iconsaysplz: So much to do, so little time desu...!

: OPEN :

Thank you ^^

Adoptable Maker Stamp by Sky-Yoshi
Note me if you're interested.


Adoptables - PayPal

I hope you guys like them and look forward to more!

Fantasy Adopts (OPEN) by Asorra-Tatsumi
120 :points: each (1 left)

POPCANDY STAR Adopt - OPEN by Asorra-Tatsumi
$50.00 for the whole ref sheet
An extra $17.00 for three more outfits not including the ones on the sheet~!

Hope to do business with you =)

Asorra and her Madness

Pixel - Ichigo Bounce Divider by firstfearI Love to draw! That's all that really needs to be said ^_^

Asorra in Wonderland ID ver. by Asorra-Tatsumi Asorra Ice Cream by Asorra-Tatsumi What goes on in my head while I'm drawing by Asorra-Tatsumi

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I am the Mod of:


I am also apart of:

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amg your webcam!!!!!!! i LOVE that anime!!!!!
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